All Press Services


ALL PRESS SERVICES (APS) is the newest addition to the DFW Movers & Erectors, Inc. family.

APS specializes in a broad range of industrial machinery repair and maintenance. Our job is to

diagnose the problem with the machine and provide the solution to get it back up and running.

To aid this process, APS can also custom manufacture any size parts, no matter how big or small.


As certified millwrights and technicians, we specialize in all presses from small 60 ton OBIs to large 20,000 ton forging presses. We also doctor other support equipment and machines including mills, lathes, brakes, shears, and iron workers. Whether the machine needs its tonnage monitor recalibrated or a complete retrofit with new controls and lube systems,

we provide the skills and supplies to finish the job.


Our versatility allows us to service a wide range of industries such as forging plants, chemical manufacturers, and aerospace companies. As a qualified machinery repair center, ALL PRESS SERVICES is DFW Movers and Erectors’ rescue remedy.