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At DFW Movers and Erectors, Inc., our emphasis on safety and our dedication to quality create the cornerstone of our operation.

Safety Program:

Focus on Safety

We have implemented a “Focus on Safety” program, which encompasses all safety procedures and requirements necessary to create and maintain a safe work environment in all departments. Our customers are provided with the security that both the crews and machinery onsite operate with safety first.

The “Focus on Safety” program includes several services and educational requirements provided by both internal employees and third-party safety consultants. Our safety specialists perform regular on-the-job and off-site safety training, audits, and meetings with all of our staff to help maintain the safest job sites possible. Everyone plays a critical role in ensuring that all of our policies meet with all OSHA and hazmat standards.

We value our employees and customers’ safety by providing the best resources for a safe work environment. Every measure is taken to identify and evaluate all potential project hazards and help develop techniques to avoid accidents. At DFW Movers and Erectors, Inc., we continue to carry the standard for quality work empowered by good safety sense in all areas of the workplace.

Meet Our Expert Team

Luis Sanchez-Safety
Luis Sanchez
Safety Manager

Oversees OSHA safety, ensures personnel is trained and certified.

Mike Watson-Safety (2)
Mike Watson
Fleet Safety Coordinator

Oversees CDL and Fleet Safety, ensures drivers and vehicles are up to the task.

Icon - DFWMover (1)
Debbie Donaire
Safety Assistant/Sales Assistant

Handles administrative responsibilities to smooth communication with safety companies and customers.

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