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Laser Precision Alignment

Laser precision offers full laser alignment service utilizing Hamar and Leica laser systems.

Laser Precision offers full laser alignment service utilizing Hamar and Leica laser systems. We service all industries, including aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, paper, printing, plastics, and automotive, to name a few. 

Our factory-trained and certified personnel have logged many hours performing spindle alignment, coupling alignment, bore alignment, and machine geometrics.

Laser Systems Used

L-743 Triple Scan Laser leveling, alignment, and calibration system is a highly accurate 3-axis laser. 

This laser features a flat plane of ½ arc-second (0.00003”/ft or 0.0025 mm/m in a 360-degree sweep and ¼ arc-second (0.000015”/ft or 0.001 mm/m) in a 90 sweep, all with a range of 100 feet. 

Over time, all machines go out of alignment. When properly aligned, machinery and process lines run better, last longer, require less maintenance, lower production costs, and improve productivity. Alignment capabilities of the L-743 include flatness, level, squareness, straightness, and parallelism.

The L-775 Coupling Alignment System can dynamically measure and adjust the alignment of almost any shaft/coupling configuration and size. Properly aligned couplings can prolong component life and reduce costly downtime. This system can be coupled or uncoupled with a minimum sweep angle of 60. The L-705 Bore Alignment System can be used virtually any bore alignment application.Bores ranging from 1.5” to 36” or more can be easily accommodated. Typical applications include bar feeders,boring bars, crankcases, cylinders, extruder barrels, turbines, engine blocks, and other bore applications.

The L-700 Spindle Laser Alignment System is highly accurate, with a center resolution of 0.5 microns (0.00002”) and angular resolution of 0.00002”/ft. Typical applications include transfer line spindles, turning centers (cylindrical, OD/ID grinders, lathes), and rotary dial machines.

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 is the most portable 3D Absolute Tracker for traditional inspection tasks or fully guided measurement processes. Its internal battery can power it and work in the most demanding environment, yet maintains the highest level of precision and the largest ever work envelope. The AT402 features increased ruggedness and extended battery life. 

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 has a unique “All in One” system design that incorporates needed accessories such as built-in built-in live video, level to gravity, environmental monitoring, and even an integrated IR remote control. By utilizing the integrated WiFi access point functionality, the sensor can be used completely wirelessly.

Why Precision Alignment

All precision equipment, whether rotary or machine tools, must be aligned to deliver accurate, quality parts. Improper machine geometry, where columns are not square, sliders are not straight, and surface tables are not flat, can affect production. Even properly aligned machinery can become misaligned from thermal effects, vibration, poor foundations, machine accidents, or rebuilding. Periodic alignment is a must; however, in many cases, the alignment process is so time-consuming and complex that it is never done or relegated to when plants are shut down. 

The alignment systems we use are fast and extremely accurate. Problem diagnosis is simplified, and a machine can be accurately measured and aligned in a fraction of the time it took to use older alignment methods.

FAQs about

Laser Alignment

What is Laser Alignment Used For?

Laser alignment ensures precise positioning and alignment of machinery and equipment components. Its primary purpose is to enhance operational efficiency, reduce wear and tear, and optimize performance by aligning various machine elements accurately.

How Does Laser Alignment Work?

Laser alignment works by projecting laser beams onto designated targets or surfaces, allowing technicians to measure and adjust the alignment of machine components. This process provides real-time data, enabling precise adjustments to achieve optimal alignment reducing issues such as vibrations and misalignments.

What Are The Benefits of Using Laser Alignment?

The benefits of laser alignment services include increased machinery reliability, extended lifespan of components, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced operational efficiency. It minimizes the risk of breakdowns, improves product quality, and contributes to overall cost savings by optimizing the performance of industrial machinery.

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